Overglaze Flux Powders

Overglaze Flux Powders
Overglaze Flux Powders
Product Description
Decorative Overgalze applications on glazed bodies in transparent base and in various colours in fine powder form.Overglazes  are applied on top of already fired and glazed pieces, and then fired again at a relatively low temperature . They are typically used in small areas such as accents and for very fine detailing. It is often described as producing "enamelled" decoration. The colours fuse on to the glaze, so the decoration becomes durable.

OVERGLAZE FLUXES (Melting Range 750 - 800 deg.C)
TOG 4Leadless Transparent Overglaze
CF 01 General Purpose Flux
CF 03 Flux for Selenium Reds
CF 05 Cd stblFlux for Cadnium colours
CF 07 Flux for Blues
CF 09 Flux for Jet Black

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